9 Steps to Get Started With Link Popularity

Link popularity is a major factor in determining the success of your website in regards to search engine rankings. Ranking high in the search engine lists is vital for any website. The higher your website is on the rankings, the more popular it is. Popularity definitely means profitability when pertaining to websites. That is why acquiring good link popularity is very important.Getting started with link popularity is not a simple task. There are certain steps or guidelines you have to follow in order to do it properly. If you are thinking of building link popularity for your site, here are 9 easy steps you should follow:

1. Build a page or a couple of pages in which you can post links. Make sure that you post high quality links.2. Keep the links you post relevant to the content of your website.3. Register your website to link directories.4. Sign up to link exchange networks. Do not just settle for a single link network – enlist in as much link exchange network as you can.5. Talk to other website owners in your community and exchange links.6. Ask your business clientele to link to your site.7. Join online forums and use your signature as a link to your website.8. Remember to use text links and avoid using banner or button links.9. Write and submit articles to websites that will post these articles. Make sure to make your articles interesting enough for people read them. Remember to post a link to your website in you article.
If you follow these easy guidelines correctly, you are guaranteed to have very good link popularity.

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